Welcome to Whitebridge
when good health seems out of reach, together we can keep on toward that goal
Wellness, a state of complete mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
Welcome to Whitebridge


A very warm welcome to our website, we hope that you will find what you see interesting and helpful.

The Whitebridge Wellness Centre is a new venture that is committed to helping everyone find “wellness” in their lives. Because we are all individual, the path to wellness can take many different routes and so it is our intention to offer a wide range of activities in order to achieve that goal.



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About Us


The Wellness Centre
The Whitebridge Wellness Centre is housed in the Uniting Church building in Whitebridge.

It is a centre for the whole community that promotes the wide sphere of wellness for each person incorporating not only traditional methods but also the best of proven complementary health treatments.

Our Mission Statement
To provide a caring relaxing place where each individual can achieve emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

What is Wellness?
The World Health Organisation defines Wellness as:
“A state of complete physical, mental and social wellness”

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The Whitebridge Wellness Centre is located on the corner of Dudley Rd and Bulls Garden Rd, Whitebridge, NSW, 2290 and housed in the “Uniting Church in Australia” building.

There is plenty of parking on site, is easily accessible and wheelchair friendly so why not come and find out what we can offer.

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